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There is a lot happening on the polar front these days, not least in the Arctic where climate change is giving us notice of a new era. In Greenland, modern society is knocking on the door in earnest with city life, the consumer society, extraction of raw materials, environmental problems, new shipping routes, etc., while the old hunting profession, the biodiversity and the indigenous way of life are all under pressure.

In this new iPad edition, Polar Front presents a series of articles that paint a kaleidoscopic picture of some of the Danish and Greenlandic research activities that are currently unfolding in Greenland. You will find articles on a wide range of research projects within society, biology, geology, glaciology, health and history.

These articles are clips from the Danish-language, popular science e-magazine, Polarfronten, which since 2012 has been published by the Greenland Society and, before that, was for many years the magazine of the now-closed Danish Polar Center. The e-magazine Polarfronten is published four times a year (see and aims to tell the news from the world of research for scientists, students, politicians, the press and all those interested in research and Greenland in an understandable and concise manner.

We hope you will enjoy this iPad magazine and would ask you to circulate it further if you find it to be of value.


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